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Pinocchio | The Darkest Disney Film

Pinocchio was a film I watched and loved as a child, but my re-introduction to the films depth of meaning came from listening to countless lectures from Dr Jordan B Peterson. I’m endlessly fascinated by his words of wisdom and included a lot of his perspective in this video.

Self-Authoring program:
JBP on Joe Rogan explaining the Future authoring program:

‘CALL OF THE WOLF ‘ – Director Interview

In this episode I talk with R.D Womack about his debut feature film. This slow burn survivalist thriller is amazing and it was really useful for me to be able to pick his brains about the creative process and production behind this film. Enjoy!




In this Interview I sit down with Luiza from the Youtube channel ‘Art Regard.’ Iv really been enjoying her video essays and the mix between film, philosophy and art. If you enjoy the more in-depth and deeper analysis, you enjoy her videos!


HOW CINEMA MAKES ME FEEL (Love Letter to Cinema)

Boogie Nights (Opening Scene) The Economy of Storytelling