My name is Darren Foley and I love Films. Finding something you love is very rare and being able to share it with like-minded people can be difficult. I’ve been very lucky to discover and help build a small community of film lovers which started on youtube.


Since I was young I’ve always had movies in my life, The first film I ever watched was E.T and I watched on repeat. As I got older I watched all sorts of films and had a secret passion for films that could tell a story in a different and interesting way. This passion has led to me studying and pursuing life as an independent filmmaker. I believe everyone has their own unique perspective on how they see films and the more I learn the easier it has been for me to articulate mine.

Now I make videos of my interpretations and thoughts on great films and start a conversation with people who like to discuss and analysis movies. After creating and uploading my first ever video I didn’t expect the amount of comments and additional thoughts from others, this led to requests and I finally went on to make a second video. Soon I realised that researching and making videos was only half of the fun and that being able to continue the search for meaning with fellow fans is enjoyable and endlessly interesting.

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My aim is to HELP YOU SEE FILMS DIFFERENTLY and produce quality podcasts, analysis videos and full length commentaries and share my thoughts on why these movies mean so much to me. I hope to one day be able to share my own films with this community.

As films are so subjective and everyone experiences films differently I invite you to get involved in the conversation with myself and other fans as part of the MUST SEE FILMS community by joining my newsletter, Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks to all those who have contributed their voice to MUST SEE FILMS, your passion and enthusiasm is what makes this all possible.



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