50 Underrated , Under appreciated, Forgotten, Misunderstood Films

1- The Legend of Kasper Hauser
2- A Scanner Darkly
3- Straight time
4- What Dreams May Come
5- Two Lovers
6- After Hours
7- The Last Detail
8- Buffalo 66
9- Ed Wood
10- Synecdoche, New York
11- Wristcutters
12- Martha Marcy May Marlene
13- Enemy
14- Pi
15- Man on the Moon
16- The Fisher King
17- The Hill
18- A Fish Called Wanda
19- Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
20- Brining Out the Dead
21- In Burges
22- Bottle Rocket
23- Glengarry Glen Ross
24- Joe
25- Dead Man
26- The Assassination of Jesse James
27- Ikiru
28- Brick
29- The King of Comedy
30- Fearless
31- Out of Sight
32- Punch-Drunk Love
33- One Hour Photo
34- Blow Out
35- Under the Skin
36- The Great Beauty
37- Rope
38- Lars and the Real Girl
39- Hit me
40- Klute
41- Barry Lyndon
42- The Hunt
43- 25th Hour
44- Candy
45- Hesher
46- The Colour of Money
47- Mysterious Skin
48- Springbreakers
49- All is Lost
50- The Fountain
51- Vanilla Sky (Bonus)
52- Frances Ha (Bonus)
53- Amelie (Bonus)
54- Holy Motors (Bonus)

Final Clip in CREDITS is back to ‘The Legend of Kasper Hauser’

CAPTAIN AMERICA ‘The Winter Soldier’ | How the Russo’s do Action

I was blown away when I first saw Marvel’s ‘Captain America The Winter Solider’ and the realistic tone the Russo Brothers were able to achieve but still feel part of the Marvel universe.

The construction and design of the action sequences was by far the thing that caught my eye, but with some investigation it seems the reason the action is so relatable is the fact its all based on the characters of that world.

This video explore how the Russo’s do action and how much ‘character’ comes into designing sequences.

Films used:
Captain America The Winter Solider
Gone in 60 seconds
Dukes of Hazard
The Dark Knight
The Raid 2
Jack Ryan
Captain America: Civil War
Indiana Jones: Raiders of the lost arc
Austin powers: Goldmember
The Way of the Dragon
John Wick
Blade 2
The Matrix Reloaded
Mission impossible
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Lethal Weapon
The Mummy: The Scorpion King
The Seven Ups
The French connection
Mad Max 2
Mad Max : Fury Road
Guardians of the Galaxy
Beat it – Michael Jackson Music Video
FINAL FILM: Allude Majaka

Intro – Marvin Gaye | Trouble man (Thanks Russo’s)
Outro- (Alpha Records) Defqwop ft. Strix – Heart Afire : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6SmgRL4LQU